Share Your Cards at Business Events

Dec 29, 2021

We go to trade shows and other business events to make connections with colleagues and customers. So, shouldn’t it be easy to share your contact information with anyone passing by?

L-Card created a revolutionary “Card Listing” option for tablets, which lets you put specific cards on the screen for an event. Clients then can “Scan” the card of their choice right off of the tablet rather than picking up a traditional business card.

You can choose which cards to place on the screen, making sure your customers can find who they need. Never worry about running out of business cards at an event again.

And, with customizable text at the top of the screen, L-Card also lets you send a special message to your audience. Let them know about special offers or simply just thank them for stopping by. The choice is yours.

So don’t worry about how many business cards you need to bring with you. All you have to do is grab your tablet and you are ready to go.


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