Advanced Digital Business Card Features

Features that make connecting, marketing, and selling easier

Business Card Designer

With the L-Card’s design suite, you can create completely customized digital business cards to make a professional first impression with everyone you meet. Our app provides an infinite number of design options for colors, fonts, images, and logos.

Make it yours by uploading custom backgrounds and even existing business cards. Drag images, text, and social icons anywhere on your card for just the right placement. Our cards are your canvas!


Design Suite Features

NFC Cards

L-Card ‘s NFC (near-field communication) card lets you easily share your digital business card with just a tap. Choose from plastic, metal, or wood cards. Completely customize it front and back with your logo, colors, contact info, and more.

Not sure about a card design? Our graphic design team can help create just the right card at no cost. Once the design is ready, we’ll then write your L-Card digital business card link to your NFC card and ship it to you—ready to use! Check out our online store to get started.


Business Card Scanner

Paper business cards aren’t a thing of the past—not yet anyway. For the times you need to convert paper to digital, L-Card’s OCR (optical character recognition) technology lets you quickly and accurately scan business cards to your phone in 27 different languages.

Save it as a contact in your phone, Salesforce, Google Contacts, Outlook, or as a CSV file and export to practically any CRM. Share the digital card by email, text, WhatsApp, and other channels. And add it to a Group for easy contact segmentation.


Quick Connect

With the Quick Connect buttons located under each card, you can instantly reach the right contact in multiple ways. You can also print the selected cards or entire libraries on sheets for hard copy needs using the Printer selection.

The Info button lets you open the Card Detail page where you can see the complete card information including the website and social media page links.

Email Signature

Add a digital business card to your email signature with the Smart L-Card button email attachment. Every time you send an email, your business card will be included for unlimited sharing.

The email signature works with Outlook, Gmail, and other email providers. It’s easy to add and can be customized as a distinctive button if you prefer that to the actual card image.

Recipients of your signature can then access your videos, open links, access social media pages, scan the QR code and save to contacts. They can also exchange their own L-Card with the sender when using the L-Card app.


Video Sharing

Because video provides a good ROI for 89% of marketers, why not market your products and services with it. Share video tips, recommendations, and instructions or just create and send a quick intro video from your phone.

When you send a new video, your contacts will be notified and your card will be moved to the top of your users’ L-Card libraries. And with the Analytics Dashboard, you see the moment your contact watches the video!

Our app lets you do it all with no limits on the number of videos you share. We support links from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, TikTok, and most other streaming platforms.


Personalized Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

Do you have a sale to advertise? An event to promote? Or do you want capture contacts for a newsletter? Our CTA feature lets you create a customized, clickable image that links to your event landing page, website sale, sign-up form, or anywhere else you want to send your contacts.  



Add document attachments in seconds and turn your digital card into a marketing and sales asset.

Here’s how: Copy your attachment link. Tap Attach files. Name it. Paste the link. Tap Confirm. Rinse and repeat.



Another one of our newest features, Testimonials lets you show off the best comments from your customers. Easily add the quote and customer image or logo and assign a star level of between 1 and 5. You can upload up to 5 testimonials and change them as often as you like.    



Link your Calendly, HubSpot, Zoho, Google, and Outlook calendars on your digital business card to make scheduling phone calls, video calls, meetings, and events simple for your contacts. The Meeting icon is prominently displayed under your card for easy access.

You can also schedule meetings with a contact by tapping Add to Calendar in their L-Card app record.


Card Listing

Display your employees’ L-Card digital business cards on a tablet or laptop for easy scanning and sharing at events such as conferences and tradeshows. Also use Card Listing at your office to easily and safely share employees’ digital business cards.

Plus add a custom scrolling headline to the screen for advertising your brand at the events. Card Listing makes connecting at events and the office safe, easy, and more sustainable.

Contact Groups

Creating Groups in your L-Card app lets you segment your contacts to find and connect with them easily. For example, you may have a separate Group for Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Vendors, and Prospects. After you add a contact, tap the Groups icon and select the right one. That’s it. Then you can access all your Groups from the Home page. Groups can be searched alphabetically and each contains search filters to help find contacts quickly.


Custom QR Code Designer

Because of Covid-19, the use of QR (Quick Response) codes has become more popular than ever. L-Card Pro’s custom QR code is your universal communication asset to multiply your connection opportunities.

Now you can safely and easily share, connect, and market your business, brand, and product.

Add your QR code to Zoom meetings, presentations, tradeshow banners, flyers, and virtually any marketing collateral.

Business Cards for Virtual Backgrounds

Display your customized, color QR code, and your company logo or image on your virtual meeting backgrounds to make sharing your business card safe, easy, and effective.



L-Card Analytics Report gives you the chance to closely monitor the performance of your business cards and promo videos. You can track: cards saved, viewed, and re-shared. Videos watched. QR codes scanned. Attachments opened. Website visits and more.

Filter data and generate reports for every major event. You can Export and print reports as often as you like.

Card Radar

Instantly exchange L-Cards with others at business events and meetings with Card Radar. It’s the safest and easiest way to connect.

Just tap Card Radar on your app to find other users. Then invite them with the Permitted Card Exchange tool to accept your card. Once accepted, cards will automatically be exchanged and shared in each other’s L-Card libraries. Unlimited sharing made fast, simple, and safe.


Data Security

With L-Card, your data is always safe and backed up.

Our applications are hosted on a highly secure, cloud-based platform in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2014 and ISO/IEC 9001:2015.

In addition, data between users and our cloud-based server is transferred over a secure channel using 256-bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption with 2048 bit private RSA keys. And we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and our users.

Redundant backups of all data over multiple servers are used to prevent the remote possibility of data loss. In the unlikely event that this redundancy was to fail, your contacts, as well as your devices, will still contain copies of your data.

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