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In today’s digital world it only makes sense to leverage technology for better contact management and networking for professionals. L-Card and L-Card Pro applications bring our users well researched and carefully selected features to empower them to manage business cards without bogging them down with a cluttered or complicated interface. Our team is driven by a simple desire to create products people love. I am confident that you will benefit from the useful tools that amplify the utility of the app...Enjoy!
David Chabukashvili,
Founder & CEO, OrangeTreeApps.

Explore L-Card Pro Features

Data Integration With the CRM Application

Generate CSV files for selected cards, groups or entire libraries and upload data into your favorite CRM.

Unique & Professional E-mail Signature

Share your business card in each email you send by adding the "smart" L-Card icon to your signature panel. Your contact can then save the card in the application by scanning the unique QR code with a smartphone or tablet, OR open it directly in the application on mobile devices.

L-Card Hard Copy Printing

Generate a PDF file for selected cards, groups or entire libraries and print L-Cards on sheets for hard copy needs.


Locate addresses in Maps and get driving directions to your contacts’ business locations with a single touch.

Video Sharing

Stay in touch with your contacts. Share instant or pre-recorded video messages or commercials. Introduce new products and services, invite contacts to stop at your trade show booth, or simply wish them Happy Holidays. Send new videos as many times as you wish.

Unlimited Access From Anywhere

All of your business cards are stored in the cloud and are synchronized across smartphones and tablets in real time. They are backed up on a daily basis and are always available from anywhere in the world.

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The Future of Business Cards is Here

Paper business cards have been around longer than most of us can remember. Now that technology has made it easier for business pros to manage countless day-to-day tasks, the time has come for business cards to go digital.

L-Card is the most complete and cost-effective electronic business card solution in the world. As an environmentally friendly alternative to paper cards, L-Card has all the features to make storing, sharing and receiving business cards a streamlined, worry-free process.

Never worry about losing or misplacing your cards again. Categorize your contact info to best fit your requirements and never run out of business cards in the times you need them the most!

The L-Card Signature, a Patent Pending feature of the L-Card Pro mobile application, completely revolutionizes your business card exchange experience.

Modernize Your Presence at Business Events

Sharing your company's business cards at conferences, industry events and trade shows is easy with L-Card Pro. With the app’s revolutionary Card Listing feature for tablets, display multiple L-Cards of your choice for attendees to scan and collect. Add an eye-catching moving headline to advertise your brand or the event.

Even if you're not tech savvy, L-Card Pro's modern, user-friendly interface is easy to navigate for everyone.


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OrangeTreeApps is a mobile application developing company, which was founded in the small, historic town of Madison, Indiana. We specialize in developing mobile business apps, that bring true value to our users worldwide. Creating mobile applications that maintain focus on a seamless, user-friendly interface is a cornerstone for every product we create and is the the key to our success. We want you to believe in Orange, the color of joy and creativity!

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