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Create New Card

Create a new card using one of the many preloaded L-Card templates.

Copy Existing Card

Don’t want to start from scratch? Convert your paper business card into an L-Card with a touch of a button.

My Cards

Gives a hassle free way to switch between your L-cards and select a default card with ease.

Share Card

Allows L-Card users to share cards between each other effectively using either QR code, text, email, social media, and much more.

Scan Card

Receive and store L-Cards effortlessly using QR code technology.


Sort through scanned L-Cards to find the card you need every time.


Have an important L-Card? Favorite it and find it here with a touch of a button.

Groups and Events

Create folders and categorize L-Cards for your favorite groups and events such as different trade shows, conferences, and much more.

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Introducing L-Card, the new type of business card

Email once changed the way we handled mail and now L-Card will change the way we handle business cards forever.

L-Card is a digital business card which is a great nature friendly alternative to the hard-to-manage paper business cards you currently use.

Never misplace business cards again. No more cards on your desk, or in your wallet.

You will be able to share, receive and store other peoples L-Cards, and even go a step further and categorize them to fit your needs. No more forgetting or running out of business cards when you need them the most.

The L-Card Signature, a Patent Pending feature of the L-Card mobile application, completely revolutionizes your business card exchange experience.

A must have at business events

Want to share your cards at conferences and trade shows? No Problem. The Card Listing feature on your tablet will allow you to list cards of your choice for participants to scan and collect. No more carrying stacks of paper business cards to those events.

L-Card allows you to add an eye-catching moving headline to the card listing screen on tablets, effectively advertising the event you host or attend.

L-Card is not only for the tech savvy. The application’s exceptionally simple design makes it easily managed by everyone.

We highly respect users right for privacy. We don't require you to disclose any private information except your name and e-mail address. No registration or sign up on our website is needed.

Let’s See the App in Action

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Marketing Director

L-Card is an extremely helpful & easy to use app that has allowed me to get rid of the mountains of unorganized business cards on my desk. My card is available with a simple swipe on the iPhone& organizing conversations with clients is a breeze.Love it!


This app is simple and easy to use.Make a business run smoother. Gonna tell all my clients to test it out.

Metcy Varghese

QA @ NewAgeSMB

Great experience...!! works really good, userfriendly and useful....


It's simple easy and very user friendly... great experience..!!!

Replacing the Rolodex

Digital Dreams Inc.

L-card is very handy for me as a business owner. We are a service industry and do a lot of sales, I constantly am collecting new business cards and have them piled up in every drawer of my office and sitting on dressers at my home. The convenience of collecting all these cards and storing them on an online searchable app is absolutely wonderful. I don't want these business contactsin my phone contact list but now I have a place to store them digitally and access them whenever and whereever I need them.


Video Editor

Just gotta say that this way of sharing my contact with other folks in my fieldhas saved me a lot of hassle. Definitely easy to use. Definitely will be using this instead of business cards. Looking forward to receiving these from people I work with in the future!

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