An Earth Friendly, Cost-Effective Business Card Solution

The vast majority of professionals give & receive an abundance of business cards. This likely means reorder after reorder & a hefty annual price tag for sales teams in a variety of industries.

In many ways, technology has helped professionals digitize a number of their everyday practices in recent years. Launched in mid-2016, the revolutionary L-Card mobile application transforms the traditional business card exchange into an earth-friendly, organized process. Along with being great for the environment, L-Card comes with an incredibly affordable price tag. Check out the details below.

lcard pricing.png

Making the shift to digital can be a bit iffy for those just starting out. With L-Card’s free 30 day trial, you’re free to give the app a try for several weeks with no obligation. After that, a LIFETIME membership only sets you back $29.99. Equipping an entire sales team with L-Card would pay for itself in no time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible organizational features L-Card has to offer, we invite you to follow this link that leads to a number of blog posts cover the functionality in detail!