Transform Personally Designed OR Third Party Business Cards to L-Cards in Seconds!

At L-Card Pro, we are committed to providing digital business card templates that are attractive, user-friendly and versatile. With that said, we also realize that many professionals like to have the freedom of mastering their own card design—whether that be in a creative software like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, or, through a business card editing software.

We are excited to reveal our newest feature that allows you to create new L-Cards with designs pulled straight from your phone or tablet's photo library. Whether you choose to upload a new card design that has been edited on an advanced creative software, or you’re eager to try a freshly designed card from another business card editor, all of the options are now on the table with L-Card Pro.

And remember, if you’re like many professionals in today’s day and age, you may have multiple business cards. One for your primary job and one for all of your “side-gigs.” Our newest feature allows you to perfect your cards, in the software of your choice, for each and every position you hold. After all, your business cards need to be as unique as you are, right?

We’re excited for you to try out our new third party design feature for yourself. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!