L-Card Pro: How to Achieve Better Business Card Scan Quality



In today's digital age we are all trying to find more and more ways to improve the quality of our work by utilizing the most recent and up to date digital technology on the market. This includes using technology and apps to make improvements that achieve better business card scan quality - one that's more conducive to our overall usability needs.  Below is information on how the L-Card Pro app can help users achieve better business card scan quality by using three key technological components.


To get the best scan quality possible, when scanning business cards using an app, the user should consider obtaining an app that has the ability to accurately obtain a clear and high-quality image of what is being scanned. This can be done when the proper resolution and pixels have been captured.

When an app-based digital scanner has the ability to intelligently identify and capture all of the relevant settings and produce the best formatting possible, then the highest level of scanning can be achieved.


In addition to an app having the ability to clearly scan a document, (in this case a business card) it must also have the required functionality needed to accurately read the characters that appear on the business card as well. This can only be achieved through the use of an optical character reader known as (OCR). An OCR also has the ability to digitally and accurately read and store the characters through the use of a digital app. The app’s readability qualities must also be able to easily distinguish one individual character from the next to produce the highest quality possible.


After the optical character reader has accurately read the characters from the business card, it must then convert it to a digital format. Unlike solely having the ability to scan a business card, whereby users can simply recreate an image, an OCR can both read and digest the information that appears on the business card. In other words, it can recognize, read and convert the characters into a digital (and editable) format. This feature also contributes to the achievement of better business card scan quality.

Scanning a business card may seem like a very easy process, but to obtain a scanned business card at the highest level can only be achieved when the right tools are used in the first place.

Being able to scan business cards and save them to your electronic device is a great accomplishment. But being able to scan, and convert them into a digital format is even better.

Only apps that offer the ability to convert paper business cards into digital business cards can achieve the greatest business card scan quality, such as that offered by the latest version of the L-Card Pro app.