L-Card Pro App: The Best Contact Management App for Your Business

L-Card Pro is the best contact management app for your business because it allows you to perform multiple functions using one app that allows you to run your business seamlessly. Here's how it can be most effective for you:


Create Multiple Business Cards

One of the best features that is included with the L-Card Pro app is its ability to create an unlimited amount of business cards, choosing from 80 templates that are made available on the app. This allows them to use the app for marketing and advertising as well as distributing digital business cards.


Adding Videos and a Personal Note

Adding videos when distributing business cards is another great feature of the L-Card Pro. It allows you to send marketing and advertising messages along with your business cards. You can base your audience on those located in a specific geographical location or those with a specific need based on your market segment. It's a great addition to your overall marketing strategy.

Adding a personal note with your business card is also a way that business owners can develop follow up strategies when attempting to move potential customers along the sales funnel. For example, you could send a personal note to people that you have recently met at a recent conference or other business function. It's a great way to remind them of a conversation that you may have had or discounts for those you have met at a recent workshop.


Streamline Your Business Efforts

You can streamline your efforts by communicating via text or email using the L-Card Pro app. You can also receive personal reminders about upcoming events, send follow-up messages to others or change a recent advertisement that is no longer relevant. This is a great addition to the way you run your business. It puts all of your marketing and advertising efforts right at your fingertips.


CRM and OCR Features

As you're meeting people and collecting business cards, it’s often difficult to manage the mountain of information. An additional feature included with L-Card Pro the ability to scan and read other business cards using the OCR feature. Optical character recognition converts images of text into characters. Even if business cards are not in a digital format, the app allows you to scan, store and sort business cards through the use of the app.

You can also generate CSV files for various CRM programs. Database management just got easier!

L-Card Pro app allows you to perform multiple functions while on the go. It's a great way to simplify your marketing and sales efforts by performing tasks that would normally take much more time to complete. Download the L-Card Pro app today!