5 Tips For Perfect Work With L-Card Pro Business Card Creator


Now that you've learned more about the importance and convenience of using the L-Card Pro app to create your own business cards, you’re ready to learn more important tips to create the best card possible.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that business cards - although a very small part of the overall marketing effort - are still a part of the branding, marketing and advertising strategy. So your image and design should reflect your brand at all times.

Having stated the above, you'll be happy to know that you're not in this alone. The app includes over 80 pre-designed business card templates for you to use when designing your new business cards. And because so many business owners have multiple ventures, you will be able to develop multiple business cards - one for each venture.

You can design your card from scratch or scan an existing business card to capture relevant information to build upon.


Below are five tips that you can implement when designing your business card using L-Card Pro app.

  • Keeping It Simple

According to expert Dave Weinberger, vice president and engagement director at brand agency CBX in New York City, simplicity is the key. So when designing your card, it's okay to keep things simple, as long as you ensure to represent your brand professionally.

  • Logos and Color Schemes

If you've already got a company logo, that's great. You can use it as a starting point with respect to selecting the proper color scheme for your business cards. Simply upload it and add it to the design template of your choice.

Weinberger also indicated that designing your business cards with your marketing goals and a purpose in mind is also the key. So creating a layout design that's consistent with your goals is of the upmost importance.

  • Tips for Printing Business Cards

If you're planning to print your business cards, L-Card Pro app allows you to design cards that can be used for printing as well as for electronic purposes. In doing so you may create more than one design as needed, such as cards to be distributed at a tradeshow verses one that will be used every day.

  • Creating Multiple Cards

If you offer multiple products and services or have multiple locations, you can also create multiple business cards accordingly.

  • Using the Back of the Card

Although the back of your business card is like real estate – a great place to add additional marketing information, says Weinberger, this is not the case when using cards created using the L-Card Pro design template as most have a barcode that will be used for scanning.

Whichever approach you decide to go with, you’ll find that designing digital cards using L-Card Pro will result in professionally designed cards that produce results.