3 Advantages of L-Card's Custom QR Codes for Real Estate Companies

L-Card Pro's revolutionary, custom QR Code feature is making waves in business sectors around the world—especially with those in the real estate industry. Along with the other key benefits of L-Card Pro's electronic business card management app like saving money on paper cards, organizing contact information, and adding personalized videos, real estate companies around the world are taking advantage of the marketing benefits of the app's custom QR codes that can be linked to each and every digital card. 

Let's dive into more detail by outlining 4 key advantages of L-Card Pro's custom QR Code feature for real estate professionals.

  1. Placing Real Estate Agent's L-Card Pro QR Code on Yard Signs and Property Sales Banners

In the real estate business, yard signs and banners have long been known as important promotional tools that let the general public know that a home or piece of property is up for sale. In the past, interested consumers found themselves scrambling for a pen and paper to write down realtor contact information displayed on signs and banners. As you can imagine, this process can sometimes get quite disorganized and many times, can end up with potential buyers losing vital contact details. 

Now, with L-Card Pro's innovative QR code system, each electronic business card created in the application can be accessed by a split-second scan. Instead of struggling to include contact details (phone, email, name, photo, etc), on each piece of advertising material, L-Card Pro's custom QR Codes now serve as professional, visually appealing gateways to all of the key contact information for each listing. 

And don't forget, L-Card Pro's QR Codes are personalized with a company logo, a photo of the agent, or anything you please! Each code serves as a unique branding tool that converts with great success.

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          2. L-Card Pro QR Codes can be Scanned with ANY QR Code Reader

While L-Card's digital business card application is growing in popularity every day, we certainly cannot limit the Custom QR Code scanning feature only to those who have downloaded the app—after all, our goal is to help real estate agents capture each and every lead who sees their advertisements. When professionals use their L-Card Pro QR Codes, these can be effortlessly scanned and accessed with ANY QR Code reader. Those who do not have L-Card or L-Card Pro downloaded can simply save information to their general contact libraries. It's that simple. 

Additionally, those who scan in QR Codes using L-Card's basic, unpaid version will also have the ability to save scanned cards in their app and watch intro videos regarding the specific property for sale!

        3. Each Property Gets its Own, Unique Custom QR Code

With an L-Card Pro subscription, real estate companies/agents have access to unlimited digital business cards. What's that mean? Each unique property that agents list can have its own, unique Custom QR code that not only shows direct contact information—but also, key home highlights and an introduction from the realtor in a personalized video! This not only provides pertinent information to potential buyers, but also allows realtors and real estate companies to make a lasting first impression—which is priceless when dealing with prospects who are considering such a major investment and life decision.